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I need to reinstall OS X on my MacBook, but the DVD unit is spitting out any DVD I insert into it. Also, the hard disk drive was dead, and I replaced it.

Can you please tell me an alternative to reinstall OS X using a USB memory stick? In Windows I used that alternative from 2009 and I'm very satisfied, but I never installed OS X until now.

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I assume your DVD drive is dead, and you don't have a Mac to actually work with.* Therefore, use a Windows PC.

  • I believe you can get TransMac and use its 14-day trial for the following tasks.

  • Use it to create a disk image (.dmg) from your Snow Leopard DVD. Alternatively, download Imgburn and create a normal ISO image.

  • Again, using TransMac, restore the disk image to the external drive by clicking Format disk » With disk image. Alternatively, try to "burn" the ISO to the USB drive using UltraISO.

  • Unmount the drive from Windows. Attach the external disk to your Mac, hold the option key while booting, then install Snow Leopard from it.

* If you do have a Mac, the solution is much easier!

This was gathered from this InsanelyMac and this MacRumors post.

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