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Is it possible to create a hyperlink to a specific scroll position on a web page? For example, I'd like to create a link to http://www.stackoverflow.com/, but with the page scrolled down 100 pixels.

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You can scroll to a given position using the jQuery scrollTo plugin. If you have a look on its demo page, you'll see that the plugin is capable of many different options, including scrolling to a certain position. That would mean you'd have to control the target's JavaScript, though, so this might not be suitable for a link to an external site.

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The only way to link to somewhere in-page is via an anchor point already present in the page.

This created using the <a></a> tag. Note the the link specified in "anchor point" has #h-12.2 at the end. This corresponds to <a name="h-12.2">12.2</a> enbedded in the html forming the page, and when clicked will reposition the page view to this anchor.

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Similar to Paul's answer, you can also link to the first occurrence of a tag ID in an HTML document. This won't be an exact number of pixels though.

For example, link/scroll to this page's question or answers.

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@Mike, How did you creat the links to the Questions/Answers Headers? I can't find them hovering with the mouse. Thank you.

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Maybe this demo from W3 will be much helpful. Simply speaking, you only need to create a button and you can reach the exact position you want when a user call the on click action.

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Welcome to Super User. Could you please summarize or include the relevant information from the link in your post? Link-only answers are only useful only as long as the link remains active. Thanks! –  Excellll Oct 10 '14 at 0:03

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