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As we know, we can get the source code of a web page with Firefox. I'd want to get the pictures in the page via the source code. Is there a way for it? Or any addons of Firefox to achieve it? Thanks a lot.

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There is a good add-on for Firefox named DownThemAll! that allows to download any media on a page by filtering with a regular expression. Apart from that, this question is not programming-related.

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Alertnatively, you could just press Ctrl-U and have a look at the source...

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i have solved the problem by getting the pictures from the Temp Folder .thanks for all your attention. –  hws Sep 9 '09 at 8:27

In Firefox, without any add-ons: menu Tools » Page Info (Command-I on a Mac), tabsheet Media. This also gives you a Save As button for media that cannot be right-clicked on the site itself.

Firefox Page Info

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(at least if you're on a mac), drag and drop them onto your desktop (or anywhere else).

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i have solved this problem by getting the pictures from the Temp Folder.thanks for all you attention. –  hws Sep 9 '09 at 8:33

Use Firebug. User documentation with videos/screencasts here.

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