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This repository network graph shows lots of branches (were created in Mercurial), but none of them has a name.

Is there a way to add names?

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git branch branch-name starting-point


git checkout starting-point
git branch branch-name

where starting-point is the commit ID of the latest commit in that branch. For example, git br newcompiler 5983450. (You can use gitk or tig as a more convenient way to browse the repository than GitHub's graph.)

Git tags can be created in the same way using git tag.

Migration between VCS systems almost never gives perfect results, so before you continue working on your project, take the chance to clean up the Git repository – it's currently in a messy state; for example, even though the 6.0 tag already exists, it doesn't share any commits with the master branch, as you could see from diff -y <(git lg 40130c97) <(git lg 6.0).

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Thanks a lot. It did create all branch names as I wished. – Lex Li Jan 26 '12 at 13:02

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