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An indexed search system is a very convenient tool for many computer-related tasks.

I have been using Meta Tracker for a few years on Ubuntu and have met a lot of issues:

  • sometimes the Tracker icon just disappears from the notification area;
  • sometimes the settings, that I provide to the Tracker are not applied: the Tracker can start indexing when I am on battery or it can forget to index some custom directories;
  • sometimes it just does not find files which am sure are in the file system.

So, my question is: Is there any Linux (Gnome/KDE, does not matter) desktop search system that does not have all the above mentioned problems and is stable at work?

Edit: Tracker's nice feature that allows to tag files (integrates with Nautilus) is not stable as well. A tag-based search on a desktop system could be very useful though.

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Well, your question prompted me to look around for a program and I discovered that I already had Recoll installed. Wish I had known that, would have been using it. So, I have no real experience with it yet, but it seems to work OK.

Link to product: Recoil, Full Text Search for Linux

It is based on the very strong Xapian search engine library, for which it provides a powerful text extraction layer and a complete, yet easy to use, Qt graphical interface.

Recoll is free, open source, and licensed under the GPL. The current version is 1.16.2 (Release notes).

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Thanks, it works really fast! I wish I had it integrated into the OS. – skanatek Feb 15 '12 at 14:59

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