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I love using firefox's (and chrome's) custom keyword searches. One lookup I often do is a company directory using people's first and last names. I was wondering if I could substitute 2 parameters like this: (this is a fake url)

so I could do a lookup like this

ds ben anderson

That is exactly what is described here:

However, it doesn't seem to work for me. Can someone either confirm that the instructions in the above link do work (and that I somehow fumbled them) or let me know if there's another way to do it?


ps - if you know a way to do this in chrome, please share that as well.

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Credits to sammio5:

Yes, it is possible in Chrome!

I managed to create a really cool search engine for subtitles. I just type: subs <title> <season> <episode> and automatically go to the downloadpage for the episode i want. You could even add language parameters or more.

Just add this javascript as the URL in chrome://settings/searchEngines:

javascript:url='';parts='%s'.replace(/(%5C%5C)?+/g, function($0,$1)%7Breturn($1?'+':'qzq')%7D).split('qzq');for(var i=0; i < parts.length && (url=url.replace(new RegExp('%'+i+'s', 'g'),parts[i]));i++);location=url.replace(/%[0-9]s/g,'')

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This solution (using javascript:location=<url>) doesn't work in a new tab, which is a common way to open new web pages in Chrome. – SteveK Dec 5 '12 at 15:55

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