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I use several IRC networks and it's unsafe to store passwords in plain text. On the other hand, typing each password after connection is uncomfortable.

How can I store passwords in encrypted file and only type database-password on Irssi startup? Do you know any scripts which provide something like that?

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Set up eCryptFS, encfs, or a similar encrypting filesystem. Mount it on ~/Private or similar. Move your ~/.irssi/config file to the private directory and symlink it back to the old place. eCryptFS is recommended; it's in-kernel and gives fairly good performance.

mkdir ~/Private/config
mv ~/.irssi/config ~/Private/config/irssi.conf
ln -s "../Private/config/irssi.conf" ~/.irssi/config
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Robust solution and not only for Irssi. Thank you! –  Adrian Sadłocha Jan 27 '12 at 19:57

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