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I have am application for Windows which only supports HTTP proxies (no SOCKS support).

Because I already have some good SOCKS proxy lists, I was wondering: Is there some HTTP proxy server for Windows OS, that could "forward" (translate?) connections to SOCKS proxies?

So the connection would look like this:

App → local HTTP proxy (as "translator" to SOCKS proxies) → SOCKS proxy

Is it possible? Is there such software?

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You can use Delegate as a local http-proxy server, it also supports forwarding to SOCKS proxies.

the usage would be something like :

%delegate -P8080 SERVER=http SOCKS=destsocksaddr:port

(running http proxy on local port 8080)

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Can you please elaborate on how to use Delegate on Windows 7. I have HTTP Proxy in my campus. I am trying to somehow convert the HTTP Proxy to Socks so that i can have UDP connections. From you reply i find Delegate useful in helping me however i fail to understand how to configure it. Please Help. – user173565 Nov 15 '12 at 2:50
I'm not sure if what you are looking for is really possible, AFAIK a http proxy only supports http requests – sos00 Nov 17 '12 at 18:30

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