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I am running Windows 7 and have two 1TB hard drives mirrored using Win7 disk management. (They are not the system disk.)

I am getting NTSF Error events that say "The file system structure on the disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run the chkdsk utility on the volume \Device\HarddiskVolume2." Disk management reports both drives online and healthy.

Is running chkdsk on 1 drive of a mirror possible? The logical drive E: reports OK with chkdsk. Perhaps I need to break the mirror and rebuild it after chkdsk?

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While you could break the raid to be safe. CHKDSK checks the NTFS file system for corruption, which is exatly what you want. There shouldn't be any issues running chkdsk on a software raid. If this is in fact a hardware raid, run the check via the boot utility or the installed raid utility.

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It is a windows software raid. What is the command to check just one drive? – Bill Ruppert Jan 27 '12 at 19:07

Guess something got stuck. Just break and rebuild. (Also, a chkdsk on both drives won't hurt. You can check the SMART values too.)

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