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I have a Matlab installation on Windows Vista given to me by the University I am in. The problem is that it does not contain many toolboxes that I need. I plan to purchase it myself with all the tool boxes. When I installed Matlab, it created a directory in the "Documents" folder for all of my files that I created. Will a new installation of Matlab let me replace the older one and add the toolboxes without touching the Documents folder?

I have a SpiderOak synchronization to that folder in "Documents" so I am unsure that if I hold a back up copy somewhere and just paste it back in that this won't create some problems.

What is the best course of action?

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The uninstall feature of matlab does not affect the user data in the Documents folder. The uninstallation process leaves useful files like the command history for future installations' use. Reinstallation did not create any problems and toolboxes were added normally.

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