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I would like to add the word "EXTERNAL:" to the list of subject prefixes like "RE:" and "FW:" that are ignored when sorting by subject in Outlook 2007.

For example, this message is sorted as if the subject was simply "Some Subject".

Subject: RE: Some Subject

This reply is sorted as if the subject was "EXTERNAL: RE: Some Subject". ('s server is set up so that the word "EXTERNAL:" is added to the subject for emails that originate outside of

Subject: RE: EXTERNAL: RE: Some Subject

As an Outlook end user, how would I make the second email sort as if its subject was "Some Subject"?

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What you can do here is to change internal message property SubjectPrefix. You can achieve the desired result by using free Set Header Value utility. Just specify SubjectPrefix as a Header name and EXTERNAL: as a Value to set.

You can do many things by manipulating Outlook message properties.

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