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I'm trying to find some application that allows me to easily add/modify metadata for various files such as PDF, MKV, DOCX, MP3, PNG, JPG etc.

All these types of files (and a lot more) support metadata natively, so metadata can be added and then searched using various programs across various platforms. Of course I've found a myriad of programs that will modify graphics and music files but nothing that also allows me to edit say PDF or DOC files – I have to us a specific PDF or DOC program to update those types of files.

I don't want to use something like Google Desktop (reliant on a central database it makes) or some Windows/Mac only filesystem tagging.

I had thought Benubird might be the answer but that doesn't seem to do it (they said they were working on it but that was 3 years ago I think).

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Windows Explorer? – Daniel Beck Jan 29 '12 at 14:56

enter image description here

Extensible Metadata Platform, an initiative by Adobe, abbreviated as XMP.

XMP standardizes a metadata format based on XML and RDF. The data can be serialized into the actual files such as PDFs, JPEG images, MP3s, MP4s, etc.. Those file types that don't support native embedding can be annotated by just creating an .xmp file with the same name.

The Wikipedia article lists a number of tools that provide read and write support for XMP, for all major platforms.

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dmFileNote is a good solution for doing this. dmFileNote allows you to create descriptions for any file or folder, regardless of the type. It's like having the ability to create digital 'sticky notes' for your files and folders. It's FREEWARE too. You can download it at .

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Hello, the Superuser community tends to frown upon self-promotion in answers. If you are going to do so, please explicitly disclose your affiliation in your answer (otherwise it might be marked as spam). – DanteTheEgregore Nov 6 '13 at 13:48

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