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I'm setting up a showroom with 4 displays running 2 different ad campaigns (2 by 2).

Some displays will be placed far from the (Windows) machine and I was thinking using HDMI amplified cables up to 30 meters to connect them.

Since they are grouped 2 by 2 I could also buy a couple of 2x1 HDMI splitters.

Given that I need to run 2 HDMI displays plus, probably, another display to setup campaigns from the backoffice.

So drive 3 different displays — 2 x HDMI + 1 x whatever — simultaneously with a single videocard.

Our vendor proposed us an AMD Radeon™ HD 6670, reding specifications I see

Native support for up to 4 simultaneous displays

But giving a look to video card pictures I can't understand if I will really be able to connect everything or I'll need some adapter (other than HDMI 2x1 splitterrs).

Any advice welcome.

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