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I performed a whois query through whois.net on a .com domain and for 90% of the fields including Registrant ID and Registrant Name the value is "Unknown". Isn't this now illegal to not specify valid registry contact details? I mean there's not even a single e-mail or address on there.

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whois.net doesn't seem to recursively request information from the internic.net listed whois server. For example, whois for google.com from internic's whois lists the registrar's whois server as whois.markmonitor.com.

Querying whois.markmonitor.com with whois (e.g. whois -h whois.markmonitor.com google.com) lists the "full" information that you would expect.

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I doubt that not-recursing would list details as "Unknown". I'd expect the details simply to be missing. Maybe @Supertux can provide an example domain name? –  Arjan Sep 9 '09 at 16:39
I stand corrected: the whois.net/whois/google.com website does in fact display "Uknown". Funny people. Use geektools.com/whois.php instead. –  Arjan Sep 9 '09 at 16:43

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