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I have some files on my laptop and I need to build either an exe or msi installer.

My intention is that when running that installer, it must place one file on to the C: disk and another file to the desktop.

How can I do this?

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Well there are plethora of Package and Deploy installer platforms available. The simplest for your kind of use would be lzPAck. Its free and open source.

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iexpress should do the trick - it lets you create a self extracting file thats scriptable and run commands once thats done. Its also part of nearly every version of windows, and has a wizard that walks you through the process.

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NSIS is also a great option for you as well. You can tell it to put anything anywhere, and create whatever shortcuts you want.

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I've used InnoSetup to specify and create installers, but it's been a while.

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