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I'm running VMWare Workstation 7 on Windows 7 x64. In the guest OS (also Windows 7 x64) I have VMWare Tools installed, but the VMWare Tools service is disabled. I run the VM in full screen mode and the VMWare toolbar at the top often displays this tooltip:

To release input, press Ctrl+Alt

This tooltip obscures a part of the VM (often the menu of a program I'm using) and it's annoying as hell. Going out of full screen mode and into it again gets rid of it, but only until I mouse over that toolbar and then it reappears! How do I get rid of it, once and for all?

I tried adding

hints.hideAll = "TRUE"

to the .vmx file for the VM and to preferences.ini and neither of those helped.

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I fixed this by going into Workstation Preferences and unselecting "Grab keyboard and mouse input on mouse click".

Then, restart the workstation. Obviously, VMware tools would need to be installed on the guest.

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I know I know, old thread -- anyone know what the change this causes in the .vmx file? –  JustJeff Oct 15 at 13:21

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