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When I do a tree > somefile.txt the file indeed contains the output of the tree command, but the lines drawn in the console are displayed as accented letters ÃÄÄÄ.

Which encoding or mode do I have to use to display such an output file correctly and which editor can do it?

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treesupports the /a switch which uses regular ASCII:

D:\>tree /a
Folder PATH listing for volume Win7
Volume serial number is BA60-7CCB
|   +---Android
|   |   +---android-ndk-r5
|   |   |   +---build
|   |   |   |   +---awk
|   |   |   |   +---core
|   |   |   |   +---gmsl
|   |   |   |   \---tools
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It probably uses the line-drawing characters in code page 850.

Notepad doesn't support that encoding, it's default is "ANSI", by which Microsoft mean Windows-Latin1 or Code-Page-1252 if I remember correctly.

Notepad++ or gVim etc should be able to display the characters correctly.

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gVim defaults to latin1, but the command :set enc=cp850 will fix it. –  Kevin Panko Sep 17 '14 at 12:42

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