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I'm on a page with a list of links. I hit Ctrl-F to find the text I want. The link I want to goto is now highlighted. However, hitting enter does a find next instead of following the link. Is there a keyboard shortcut to goto the link that is currently highlighted in find? Thanks, Ben

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You can press Esc to exit the finder and then press Enter, or simply Ctrl+Enter to go to the link.

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Somehow this does not work for me... When I hit ctrl+enter in find mode, it toggles 'Highlight all' – Hans Jul 11 '12 at 20:00

Press ' (single quote) and the quick find bar pops up in "links only" mode so that only links are searched. Enter your search and hit enter to follow the link. Hit Ctrl-g to jump to the next link containing your search term.

Found on the mozilla support pages here.

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