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I recently decided to migrate from windows to fedora*. Now, my problem is that my main disk was a dynamic disk. I thought I had a vague memory of this working in linux (to be specific, fedora 16), but apparently not.

Question: How can I access the contents of a dynamic disk from linux/fedora?

Do note that this have to be completely non-destructive. I can't afford a new disk and my other disk isn't big enough to hold the data.

EDIT: Went hunting after a driver or something similar, and happened to stumble upon two options you can tick when building the (latest) fedora kernel,


(which both needs to be set to =y). Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to compile it (it was 1230 in the morning!), but I will do so tonight.

*Mostly since the serial key I used was registered to a school I went to before.

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