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I have a backup folder under D:\ and I download and keep everything there. I want to access it quickly like My Documents, so I am asking:

Is it possible to add a folder to Windows 7 start menu below My Computer, My Documents (not the usual place we pin favorite programs.) Or a better one: is there a way to change the path to one of these special folders without causing complications. Thanks for your support.

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You may want to check this site. It is possible, but need to know some programming. And I am not suggesting to do some windows programming on your own. – Denonth Jan 31 '12 at 21:02

Right click "Documents" on the right side of the expanded start menu and hit properties. Then remove the current folders and include the one you want.

This will make the default "documents" link go to the folder you want.

You can also go to the properties of the start menu and customize "documents" to display as a link and add more folders that way

You can do the same thing with "downloads" and just point to your intended target. It depends on which "main folder" header you want to utilize.

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This is a rather trivial item, and uses for many types of services. Pretty easy to accomplish:

  • Right Click on your start button, and click Properties.
  • Click on Customize

enter image description here

  • Scroll down to see Recorded TV, and set to Display as Link

enter image description here

  • Open Start Menu
  • Right Click on Recorded TV and click Properties
  • Click the folder in the list at the top, click on Remove and click on OK

enter image description here

  • Open Start Menu
  • Right Click on Recorded TV and click Rename
  • Give it a name that you want, like Downloads, when done, press 'Enter' on keybaord
  • Right Click on the Recorded TV [now renamed], and click Properties

enter image description here

  • Click on Include a folder, and then navigate to the folder you want, and click on Include Folder:

enter image description here

  • Click OK, and now you have a working folder on the right hand side of your start menu.

enter image description here

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I enjoy this idea, considering hardly anyone I know uses the recorded TV folder. – surfasb Feb 1 '12 at 5:58
Thank you, this is exactly what I wanted. I don't even use My Videos etc. anyway. – Bahattin Ungormus Feb 6 '12 at 1:15

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