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Is it possible to control how often Windows Update checks for available updates? I would imagine a registry hack is necessary?

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On Windows 7, you can use Local Group Policies to set Windows Update detection frequency.

Run this command:


And, on Computer/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Update, set the option that says Automatic Update detection frequency to the desired frequency.

Note, nonetheless, that although detection can occur even hourly, installation will occur on a daily basis, minimum.

Indeed, you can set installations to be applied immediately, but this only happens to important updates that don't need a reboot (or to updates with a due date in the past, if you are using a WSUS server).

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You can read this Microsoft KB article here: KB 326693, or simply run a task to do it whenever you want, with the command line option of:

wuauclt /detectnow.

Either way you do it, it is rather quick, easy and simple to setup.

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