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Is is safe to assume that the hiberfil.sys is always located on the boot volume i.e. %SYSTEMDRIVE%? Or can it be relocated to another volume, or disk?

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This is what this thread, "Move hibernate file to a different drive", says:

You can't relocate the HIBERFIL.SYS file to any partition other than the boot partition. This is because it's needed very early in to boot process to resume from hiberation and the boot loader (NTLDR) code, needing to be compact and optimized, doesn't have the ability to load the HIBERFIL.SYS from an arbitrary location.

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I've never heard of or seen a way to move it and I've looked. It's always on the %systemdrive%.

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It must be located always on the same drive where Windows reside, ala %systemdrive% (which is not necessary the boot volume).

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