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I'm inserting different images into Word and giving them all the same custom size. Using format painter I can't change their size all at once, I have to do it separately.

Does anyone know how I could do this quicker? Like copy the size an image that's already been changed to a different image that needs to be resized?


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Microsoft Word is not an image processing engine; sure, it has some nice features, but, in all, it is used just to display, arrange, and lightly modify images. Your choices are, from what I can see:

  • Batch Resize: Use a utility to batch resize the images you want, prior to inserting them into Word.

I can't really think of another method, personally; if you want the pictures all the same size, it is best to process them FIRST, and then insert them second.

Would recommend you take a quick look at InFranView, nice easy to use utility that can do the batch re-sizing for you; you then can just insert into word via the converted files, and not have to worry about the sizes.

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thank you very much for your help. I will try this in the future. – CustomX Feb 6 '12 at 10:21

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