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I am using my windows with Turkish language as first choice. Non-Unicode programs also use Turkish language.

My particular program, Visual Studio 2005 (Business Intelligence Studio 2005) is behaving strangely with this language setting. It has no problems with English Language settings.

I would like to start only this program with English Language Settings.

I can use new bat/cmd file. Modify shortcut etc. Every solution is welcome. Only I do not want to change entire windows settings.

I am using Windows 7.

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  • Create a new local user.
  • Log in with that user and change the Windows language of that account to English.
  • Log out
  • Log in with your usual user.
  • Run the application you want to see in a different language with the "Run As" method. (Shift+right click on the shortcut and select Run as different User)

You can create a batch with the RunAS command if you want ;-)

%comspec% runas /profile /user:yourotheruser "the_application_you_want_ to_run_in_english"

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I would suggest trying Microsoft's AppLocale.

It allows you to start a program using a different language.

Please note that because you are using Windows 7, you have to install it using an elevated command prompt. Instructions for installing AppLocale in Windows 7 can be found here.

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Thanks for answer. I tried but did not work for me. – Atilla Ozgur Feb 3 '12 at 12:22

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