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I'm using Chrome 16.0.912.77 on Windows 7, with the Vimium plugin for Chrome.

I prefer to navigate my browser with the keyboard as much as possible. A really useful feature of Chrome was that I could type a search string in the address bar, and then hit tab to iterate through the results.

This behaviour has changed recently - now, hitting tab first moves to the Google+ links (the black bar at the top) and then down the sidebar, before getting to the search results.

On my Macbook (OS X 10.7, newest version of Chrome) I still have the old, desired behaviour.

Is there a way to fix this?

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Keyboard navigation of Google Search results is available as long as Google Instant is available. As you type in your search query, Google Instant will suggest popular queries. Once you have typed in the appropriate text, hit Enter followed by Tab.

Google Instant Search

Once the results are displayed, hit Tab to go through the results. You should see a small arrow to the left of the result that is being selected. Simply hit Enter to go to the selected search result.

Google search results navigation


This answer has been tested on Mozilla and Google Chrome on Windows 7. There is a possibility that extensions that modify Chrome's default behaviour, such as Vimium, may interfere with keyboard navigation. Try disabling these extensions and use Google Instant Search again.

Further information on Google search results navigation can be found here.

When you search with Google Instant turned on, not only do you see results as you type, but you can also navigate your search results quickly using keyboard shortcuts. Let’s say you need a new coffee table, so you start searching for coffee t. When the predictive text for coffee table appears, press Tab to complete the query, then Enter, then Tab to select the first result. Use the up arrow and down arrow keys to jump from result to result and then press Enter to open the webpage of the result you’ve selected.

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