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Recently i got a need for a fully encrypted and safe communications. Believe it or not - there is no simple solution.

Criteria for needed software include:

1. Encrypted 1 to 1 chats (text).
2. Encrypted group chats (text).
3. Encrypted voice calls.
4. Encrypted voice conference calls.

My research on the subject concluded that gtalk could be the best solution, however it does not provide all those features by itself. Fortunately there is SimpLite/SimpPro that provides encryption for text chats (1 to 1 and group chats). Then there is zfone that does awesome voice and video encryption, but there is a catch - it does not quite work out of the box and i have no idea why. I checked connections when call is active - got 3 tcp connections. zfone settings say it intercepts only udp, cant add any tcp ports for interception even.

Has anyone used zfone in practice? Maybe anyone could lend a hand in getting it running?

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