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I share out a folder on my windows 7 machine. But, I would really like a notification to tell me when someone connects to it. Or I would like to at least be able to check at any one time who is looking at it?

Any tips?


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Go to Start, right click Computer and choose Manage.

On the left side of the Computer Management window that appears expand the Shared Folders node. There you have three options:

  • Shares shows you the folders currently shared on the machine
  • Sessions shows you who is connected to those folders
  • Open files shows who has what files open

To have a history of who accessed what and when, configure Windows 7 to log access to shared folders as Audit Events in the Event Log - follow these instructions.

You can also get software that will allow you to monitor the shares such as this.

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Brilliant answer – dublintech Feb 2 '12 at 12:12

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