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I have created a postcard in DIN A6 format which I want to print with a A4 printer.

To do that I need to place the two pages (1=front and 2=back) on the A4 page in the following order: 1,2,1,2. It allows to print the A4 sheet on both sides and receive four copies of the postcard after cutting.

|  front  |  back   |
|         |         |
|  front  |  back   |
|         |         |

The source PDF was created with Draw and has the correct page size of DIN A6 (=exactly the size of ¼ of A4) in its metadata. Thus the pages don't need to be scaled. I do not want any additional borders between the pages.

Any solution that will work with software available packaged for Ubuntu Linux is appreciated! Ghostscript is only in the tags because I guess it would be the software of choice although I don't get on with its command line syntax:(

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Look at these answers, and you'll learn how to approach this problem:

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