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I'm trying to compile an old tomboy addin of mine on Arch, but it seems there are no mono-dev-libs. MonoDevelop failed to compile because it's missing Unix,Gdk and Gtk.

I also can't find the libs in the aur, do I have to install it all by hand? Is there a howto for this?

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You shouldn't need to compile MonoDevelop yourself, and I know for a fact that the GTK and GDK assemblies are somewhere in [community]. I'm not for sure what unix assembly you are talking about however.

Have you tried reading what the wiki had to say? I followed those instructions to setup a development environment for Mono about 2 weeks ago and didn't have any hang ups

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I found the c#/mono libs on my arch, but monodevelop doesn't found them. the other mono installed libs are found. I imported the tomboy source, worked perfect with monodevelop in fedora15/16. – kelvan Mar 15 '12 at 16:06

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