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I have recently installed Win7 in my lenovo laptop. So, I could make 2 drives and one of which has got win7. Now as I want to create more disks, I first shrunk the drive from 300 GB to 100 GB.

Now I have 200 GB unallocated disk space. So, when I am trying to create new disks, its showing me error "Unable to create disk." I am aware that they are dynamic disks.

Why that's happening? and how to solve. After creating dynamic disks, I would like to make them as basic disks. How it is possible?

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something doesnt make sense here. You cant make a drive dynamic if it contains the Windows boot or system partition. But you say the disks are dynamic... – Keltari Oct 15 '13 at 13:44

I've not much played around with the vanilla disk management tool in windows (other than quick reference or to change a drive letter) since XP when I got onto Acronis tools; their disk director tool is awesome (as well as their backup software).

I would recommend trying a third party program such as that; whilst installing windows 7 on my gaming machine I was having problems with windows formatting and partitioning my drives....until I found out it was getting confused with multiples plugged in and would only work with a single drive in the system. This was at the bios level however but there may be problems similar at the OS level also?!

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