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Every time I do anything on Skype, open up a contact for chatting, or talking, or many other actions, the dialpad pops up:

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It's particularly problematic when I start chatting, because I double click a contact, start typing and instead of sending a message, I'm dialling. It only happens in one of my two computers, both running the same version of MacOSX and Skype. On the computer with the problem it happened since I installed Skype.

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling skype on the problem computer? –  Raystafarian Feb 3 '12 at 11:20
Uninstalling and reinstalling probably won't work, you'd have to remove ~/Library/Preferences/com.skype.skype.plist as well to reset that. Check if that works. You can disable the dial pad window with the Cmd-2 shortcut, but that won't be a permanent change, of course. –  slhck Feb 3 '12 at 14:40

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I've been having this problem for the longest time now. What seemed to work for me was to delete every trace of Skype on my mac.

  • Delete Skype.app from the Applications folder.
  • Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ and delete com.skype.skype.plist.
  • Go to /Library/Preferences/ and delete com.skype.skype.plist from there too.
  • Go to ~/Library/ and delete the Skype folder.
  • Download and install Skype 2.8 from http://download.skype.com/macosx/Skype_2.8.0.866.dmg.
  • After installing, wait for it to automatically ask you to update using the built in updater from Skype. (DO NOT download it from a browser.)
  • After updating, relaunch Skype. The first time you log in, the Dial Pad will show but if you close it and you quit again, it won't show the next time you open Skype.

Hope that helped for you. :)

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I followed these steps but am still seeing the dial pad every time I open skype. I'm wondering if its a new bug in the latest version of Skype because the problem only seems to exist depending on which version I install. –  Justin May 30 '13 at 19:21

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