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Can you give me an exact tutorial on how to run perl on nginx server?

I am able to run perl on apache and lighttpd, but I want to run it in my nginx server because I want to run a file hosting script that is coded in perl and i want to integrate it on my nginx server. I tried following the tutorial on linode about fast cgi but it does not work, i always get a 404 error on my nginx.

so please? can you give me a simple and detailed tutorial on how to run perl/cgi-bin in my nginx?

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Firstly, to process scripts for dynamic content on Nginx you need something like Fast CGI Process Manager

I had this running with PHP and wanted Perl scripts to run additionally, but then I realised that wouldn't work for obvious reasons (I was having a dumb moment). So, see this question on ServerFault,, the answer to your question is here:

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