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I have AMD/Intel hybrid graphics. I have been using only Intel GPU when AMD Proprietary crashed X.Org. Now i'm having installed Catalyst and i've recognized higher power usage.

In both AMD/Intel and Intel only solutions i have blacklisted radeon module.

For Intel only solution my rc.local looks:

modprobe radeon
echo OFF > /sys/kernel/debug/vgaswitcheroo/switch

And for AMD/Intel hybrid solution i have different xorg.conf configured via aticonfig.

So i'd like to have rc_intel.local,rc_amd.local, xorg_intel.conf, xorg_amd.conf and switch between them via different grub menu entries.

Is it possible?

Sorry for my english

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Yes, parameters passed to the kernel command line (editable in your bootloader's configs) end up on /proc/cmdline. Just parse it for your keywords.

case "$(< /proc/cmdline)" in
  *keyword*)do something;;
  *another*)do another;;
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