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I need to scan my Windows 7 system while booted from CD. However, my system is installed on ICH10 (Intel Matrix Storage) RAID1 array. I tried AVG Rescue CD, however it didn't detect my RAID array.

Question: Which bootable CD antivirus can mount and scan Intel Matrix Storage (ICH10) RAID1 Array?

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RAID support had been added to Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

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This is an excellent CD-based antivirus, it detected my RAID, showed correct drive letters, has built-in browser for virus information search, etc. Gentoo Linux based. –  haimg Feb 8 '12 at 15:54

Avast will. You will have to buy the Rescue boot disc for 10 dollars. You can load drivers for any hardware as its boot time uses WinPE. After it boots their is a driver install option, just like you would see in the install of windows. You can also add your NIC if it is an off brand component so you can update the Avast engine and virus definitions before doing the scan. The update can also be placed on at USB flash drive too if you don't want to add the driver for your NIC. The Intel RAID Chipset should be installed already in the image but if not you can add it with ease. Best A/V software out there if you ask me, we use it in the DataCenter I manage on all Windows and Linux systems and we have never had an issue. Supports both Linux, Android and Windows.


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