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I am downloading a file from uTorrent. The file is approximately 10GB. But the problem is I want to start the application at a particular time, not the downloading. I know about the scheduler function in uTorrent, but it will only work when the application is on. Some of the users just come and exit uTorrent, so I am unable to download my files.

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As far as I know utorrent only runs on windows so..

You have to use the "Task Scheduler"
How to Create a Automated Task that Runs at a Set Time in Windows 7

For people running linux, Mac or BSD have a look at cron

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The link you gave gave me a message i.e. Sorry, the board is unavailable We will be back in a few minutes... –  FrozenKing Feb 4 '12 at 9:18
@FrozenKing - well it works now –  Nifle Feb 4 '12 at 9:50

You should use Task Scheduler to start any program at some particular time. In case anyone exits uTorrent it does not effect the Task Scheduler. Run Task Scheduler, click on Create a task and then configure your task. You can also trigger it at any time you want.

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I use ProManager on my server, it can start or stop selected apps at a predetermined time interval. Has a detailed log and some other features. It helped me in a similar problem.

Description and download: http://www.basicsoft.net/products.html

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