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I am frequently moving large files around from server to server.

UNIXes comes with standard gzip and bzip2 compressors. However, what open options there exist beyond these, especially ones utilizing multiple cores? I am aware of pzip2 which I am using currently.

Are there any up-to-date benchmarks and charts how fast/effective compressors are to see what's the tradeoff between time and the file size?

An open source alternative, which is distribution packaged and supported across Linux/OSX, preferred. Windows support unneeded.

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When you say pzip2, I assume you mean pbzip2? – Croad Langshan Feb 5 '12 at 16:24
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You don't say much about your priorities, but it sounds like compression time for large files is your main priority?

This claims to be suited to that case (see the -l flag):

On the other end of the tradeoff (high compression ratio, long compression time), some notable software distributions have started using this recently:

Re benchmarking: why not run some quick tests youself? Benchmarks are often misleading because results can vary a lot depending on the precise workload and test conditions. Still, here's a report in German (try google translate) about somebody else's benchmarking:

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Also worth looking at are pigz for parallelism and 7zip if Windows support does rear its head.

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