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It's coming this summer. IPv6!!!

This DD-WRT tutorial is information overload for me. I can't tell if this would be supported on my ASUS WL-520GU, and I don't see a clear way to make it a secure IPv6 installation.

What is the cheapest & easiest path to IPv6 for a wireless home network?


1) I'm really only interested in supporting link-local IPv6 traffic at the moment (PRNP experiments).
2) IPv6 firewall/other protecting private network from outside traffic. Or just unavailable completely.

I don't want to spend more than $50


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I was all wrong. Here's what I learned for the benefit of others:

1) IPv6 within a private network such as mine (same subnet? but that's an IPv4 concept, right?) does not require the router to support IPv6 since the Link-Local traffic does not require routing. As long as the PCs' firewalls are set to allow IPv6 ECHO packets, ping should work.

2) When looking at the IPv6 link-local address in ipconfig, the last part after the / or % symbol is a scope ID. Pinging a remote machine does not work for me if I include the scope ID, but if I leave it off, it works.

3) My PRNP/Mesh/PeerChannel troubles remain, but only for my windows server 2008 r2 machine. Windows 7 machines work correctly. I suspect the lack of "Peer Networking Grouping" service on 2008, but I can't figure out how to install it.

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