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How can I start the integrated pgp-agent in OpenSUSE 12.1?

Running OpenSUSE 12.1 with the following software installed all via YAST:


as root (as the superuser). Can this cause some problems?

When I start tbird and click on any mail then I get the following error:

the GPG-Agent-Aapplication for your GnuPG-Version 2.0.18 could not get started

After struggeling with this for a while, I thought that should try out something new. I tried to activate the integrated KDE GPG agent.

I was guided through a tour - within the Kgp application - and finally I was able to create a new key and to integrate or better import some keys (that I have stored on a usb-stick, note those keys I saved from the old machine).

All went OK, but I still am not able to get rid of this "Agent could not be started" message.

How can I start the integrated pgp-agent that comes shipped with the new KDE?

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try gpg-agent --daemon :)

as written on the KDE Forums.

If you want it to run on startup, so you may add it to autostart (search autostart from kickoff KDE menu, then click Add program and enter there: gpg-agent --daemon

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