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I constantly hear this:

Buy a power graphics card it only costs this and that and play any games you want!

Well my question is if I have an old processor, say Pentium 4, with a lot of HDD for space to games and if I install a recognized powerful latest graphics card will I be able to play those strong games?

I.E. no matter what processor a system has, will the expensive graphics card take over and allow all current games to run?

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No, that is wrong. Games are CPU and GPU dependent. That has to with a lot of factors, like resolution and such. Both can be the bottleneck to your system.

However, your old Pentium 4 - whichever it is - won't be able to power any of the newer games. In addition to that you may still be running an old AGP system on which you couldn't use all the newer PCI-E 2.0 Cards.

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so can u please also tell that, if we need the cpu powerful also then what is the use of graphic card. Graphic cards also have a processor in them right? – Doopy Doo Feb 5 '12 at 16:05
@DoopyDoo Yes, the graphic card also has a "processor", however that one is computing all the graphic stuff, like its name indicates. But a game does not only need graphics, it needs a lot of other stuff to be calculated, like AI, some physics(also on GPU), ... and in addition it also has to feed the GPU with data. – inf Feb 5 '12 at 16:36

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