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I've installed Blueman to use instead of the default KDE 4.3 bluetooth applet. I've added blueman-applet to KDE's startup, so that works, but when I enable bluetooth on my laptop the default applet (kbluetooth4) gets started as well.

How do I prevent this? Or better yet, how do I make it so that KDE starts blueman when I enable bluetooth, and I don't have to make it autostart?

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just run: sudo apt-get remove kdebluetooth

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You can write a program hooking into the HAL events. halevt, ivman and a bit of bash glue can go a long way. Basically every time the bluetooth device appears, launch Blueman, wait a few seconds and kill Kbluetooth4.

KDE has an interface for both managing devices and hardware stacks in System Settings on the Advanced tab. Have a look whether this is useful, I can't check for lack of Bluetooth.

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