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I managed to set synergy (ubuntu box as server and mac as client - it doesn't work the other way around). Currently I'm running:

synergys -f
synergyc -f SERVERNAME

on the ubuntu and mac respectively. If I drop the -f then everything works, but in the background... My questions is how can I close the two when they run in the background?

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You can either use the task manager to find the process and terminate it or a console command such as killall synergys, which will close all running processes with the name "synergys".

Another way is to find out the process ID first using ps ux or pidof synergys and then killing it with kill <process ID>.

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There are instructions in the official guide on starting automatically (and killing an existing process) synergy when a user logs in for Windows, OSX and Unix/Linux, you may be interested in setting that up:

It would be much more comfortable if you don't have to manually launch it every time you log in your session.

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