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I have previously had two e-mail addresses on my Microsoft Outlook.

Last Friday a fault, from what I later learnt later was a problem at 1and1 (my email provider) was encountered on my alternative account so I took this address off Outlook, just leaving my main account on Outlook.

The problem at 1and1 was rectified but for 2 days now I have been trying to put my alternative account back on Outlook to no avail.

I am inputting the correct data ( and as I can successfully send and receive the test message.

I go to the next stage and always get the requested operation failed.

Got in touch with BT my ISP and after exhaustive tests could not find anything wrong with Outlook. They just tell me For some unknown reason your address cannot be verified.

As I said previously your address worked perfectly well on Outlook prior to last Friday.

I am desperate to get this account back on Outlook

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Instead of re-adding the account to your current Outlook profile, you should try creating a new profile. It doesn't take long, and may resolve your problem quickly. If it works, just set your new profile to be your default profile, then delete the faulty one.

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