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I usually use google but whenever I load it in a text browser I have to press down several times to go to the field where you enter the search string. This is redundant. How do people use text-only web browsers to do web searches?

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For most search engines, you can just modify the URL, append ?q=<term> and do the search. E.g. -
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+1 for Bibhas answer (try searching with eg links :/ ).

Surfraw can automatize that. It provides a fast unix command line interface to a variety of popular WWW search engines and other artifacts of power:

Surfraw uses your prefered text or graphical browser to display the result. This can be customized via ~/.surfraw.conf (XDG's supported: ~/.config/surfraw/conf):


An then,

  • Search DDG for "foo":

    $ sr duckduckgo foo
  • See Stackexchange's latest unanswered questions:

    $ sr stack -sort=null

Where duckduckgo and stack are Elvi Full list of Elvi, just like DDG bangs!

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