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How to override wincmd.ini location after Total Commander was installed? I can't seem to find a menu item for this setting. Where is this setting stored? Operating system is Windows XP or Windows 7 32bit.

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What OS are you on? –  Raystafarian Feb 7 '12 at 12:58
Updated issue description. –  truthseeker Feb 7 '12 at 13:17

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First, edit wincmd.ini, look for UseIniInProgramDir= and set it to 7.

UseIniInProgramDir=Flags sum This variable will only be read if the wincmd.ini is located in the same dir as the program. It is the sum of the following values : 0: Disabled 1: Use wincmd.ini in the program-dir. if no other location is set via the registry or parameters 2: Use wcx_ftp.ini in the program-dir. if no other location is set via the registry or parameters 4: Override the registry settings (but not the command line parameters)

Then, edit the shortcut to Total Commander so that it looks like this:

TC_path\TOTALCMD.EXE /i=config_path/wincmd.ini

Where TC_path is the path to totalcmd.exe and config_path is the desired path to wincmd.ini

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I'm using the v8.01, there is no setting like UseIniInProgramDir. Did it change? –  B. Roland Feb 17 '13 at 13:25
Just try creating the entry, it should work. –  molgar Feb 17 '13 at 22:24
wincmd.ini is not user-writable on my workplace computer, that is the very reason I want to override it with my own :( is it possible? or do I need to install a portable version? –  törzsmókus May 28 '13 at 15:36

If you simply want to move the ini-file; You can use the tool inireloc from the Total Commander addons page at: http://www.ghisler.com or check: http://ghisler.ch/board/viewtopic.php?p=135417

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I've needed this too, But for 2 files: wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini.

totalcmd.exe /I=%pdrive%/totalcmd/MyCMDs.ini /F=%pdrive%/totalcmd/MyFTP.ini

I made a copy of the original files and renamed them for personal reference. You might have to change directories: Mine is c:\totalcmd\.

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