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Microsoft tell us that

Microsoft Outlook supports Unicode and provides full support for multilingual data.

but today, when I search for my message with this subject "FW: 1月分課題対応のお願い" (Sure that I have it in my mail box) My Outlook 2010 tell me that

No match found for "FW: 1月分課題対応のお願い"

Please give me some suggest about how to make Outlook to search mails with Japanese subject properly?
Best regards!
No match found for "FW: 1月分課題対応のお願い"

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Have you added the language through file - options - language - add additional editing language ? – Raystafarian Feb 7 '12 at 15:08
yes I do, I've enabled Japanese, except that I didn't install Proofing Language Pack cause of microsoft tell me that Language Pack cost me $25 for these things, and I don't care about them, I just need to read & find my japanese mails - Display in Japanese - Help in Japanese - Proofing tools for Japanese and English ![i've installed japanese][1] [1]: – LongTTH Feb 8 '12 at 4:03

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