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I have a problem on my laptop when I try to view videos on Facebook. Whenever I click on a video to start it, iframe expands but not enough to cater the video and scroll bars appear.

There is a way to fix it by changing HTML i.e. by adding scrolling="no" to the iframe element. I tried it with FireBug and it works great, the problem is, of course, the fact that it isn't permanent. That's why I tried a Stylish addon for Firefox but I believe it can only change CSS of a page.

Is there any other addon that can automatically add a scrolling parameter to every iframe on facebook page?

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This is indeed possible with CSS using Stylish or userChrome.css. Apply the following to the element that has scroll bars:

overflow: hidden !important;
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I could swear I tried adding that with Stylish and it didn't work then. Indeed it works now! Just added iframe{overflow: hidden !important;} for Facebook page. – rlesko Feb 7 '12 at 20:05

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