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In Notepad++, I want to perform a find-and-replace, providing a variable in the 'Replace with' field, which references a match from the 'Find what' field. Any ideas?

I tried supplying (find) foo (\w) bar (replace) foo baz ($1) bar qux. That didn't work.

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Try \1 instead. – EBGreen Feb 7 '12 at 20:15
Thanks so much. (Silly of me.) – JellicleCat Feb 7 '12 at 20:46
Easy rep there if someone wants to write up a nice answer. I don't use Notepad++ so I didn't make it an answer. I do however use google and figured the OP would appreciate something that would solve the issue even if it wasn't a proper answer. – EBGreen Feb 7 '12 at 21:46
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Notepad++ uses standard POSIX regular expressions. As such, backreferences should use the slash instead of the dollar-sign:

Find    : foo (\w) bar
Replace : foo baz (\1) bar qux
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I think you need to have a token identifier. So if I modified Synetech's answer, I would change "Find" part to "foo (?'one'\w+) bar"

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It would help if you can test the solution and provide an answer, Starting an answer as "i think" doesn't show confidence, and you might get down votes – SeanClt Mar 24 at 17:20
Fair enough. I was trying to add to the existing answer. – VJC Mar 24 at 21:09

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