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I use WinDirStat to visualize my hard disk space and was thinking that it would be great to have something like that for some of the projects that I manage. Each project is broken up into parts with hours attached to those parts.

Is there any software out there that visualizes project data like this?

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Microsoft Project can visualize time with a Gantt chart. But I don't think it will visualize exactly like WinDirStat. – Feb 7 '12 at 21:22
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Deltek's project management software seems to do treemaps, according to this.

Here is the page of the Vision software.

Note: I know absolutely nothing about this software. I just found it with some googling.

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Do you mean a Gantt chart, a graphical representation of the task components of a project, and their progress? TrackerSuite.Net offers those, as well as other reports for tracking project progress, status and costs.

Here is a page showing a Gantt chart in TrackerSuite.Net:

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