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When I hit tab, it no longer indents the bullet-point in a list

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a bulleted list
  2. Hit Enter to move to the next line; a bullet-point is created
  3. Hit Tab to indent the bullet-point to the next level

In the past, step three would work.

However, now, it just adds a tab (white space), and I have to actually click the increase-indentation button in order to move that bullet-point to the next level. (Hitting-shift-tab also adds a tab (white space) rather than reducing the level of the bullet-point)

I probably tweaked a setting in my flailing-style.

Any ideas on fixing this? I can't find the setting.

Update: MS Word 2010

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For 2007 it's:

  • Office button → Word OptionsProofingAutoCorrect OptionsAutoFormat As You Type
  • Check the Set left and first-indent with tabs and backspaces box.

For 2010 it's:

  • File menu → OptionsMail tab → Editor Options button → Proofing tab → AutoCorrect OptionsAutoFormat As You Type tab → Automatically as you type section
  • Check the Set left and first-indent with tabs and backspaces box.

For 2013 It's:

  1. Select the line you want to indent back
  2. There is a button in the Home tab titled "decrease indent" or "decrease list level"
  3. Left click this button
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FYI, for 2013 I used the same as your 2007 solution, except of course that Options is now in the File menu. – davej Apr 15 at 14:09
It seems strange that they'd change this basic functionality and force you to select via a menu, rather than be able to indent it via the tab key (because presumably you would want all your bullets and sub bullets aligned). – Rolan Jun 3 at 17:08

For Word 2003 it's:

  • Tools Menu
  • AutoCorrect Options
  • AutoFormat As You Type
  • Set left- and first-indent with tabs and backspaces
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