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Some of my files mysteriously and randomly changes. I would like to know what/who caused it. Is it possible to watch the files and log any changes (like time, content before/after, and if possible the responsible process) in Windows XP? Or if not possible, is there a tool which does this?

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The Process Monitor utility will do that. Read all about it at There are also lots of more narrowly focused applications available to monitor directory changes. A Powershell script is available at which will allow you to script some desired action when the directory is modified.

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Yes. With the professional versions of Windows 2000 and up, you can use Security Auditing to monitor and log file and folder access and modification.

If you need more advanced features, you may need third-party tools. In Vista and up, you can compare different versions of files with the Previous Versions functionality. It is also available in XP SP2.

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